Estates & Trusts

Only a professional knowledgeable in Estate Planning and its tax and asset distribution features will be able to show you how to protect your Estate and the persons who you intend to benefit on your death.

Estate – With her prior profession as a fiduciary accountant, Harriette offers such dual experience to her estate planning clients. Her knowledge of tax law, as well as the law associated with inheritance rights, is maximized to develop a comprehensive estate plan meeting each client’s objectives.

Estate and Trust Administration – refers to the process that addresses the final stages of a person’s finances. This process includes probate, asset collection, debt payment, and asset distribution as provided by your Will, or under the laws of intestacy should you die without a Will.  Harriette will work to insure that your estate is administered in an economical matter and in accordance with your intent.

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Living Trust – A living trust is a tool by which one can insure that their estate passes upon their death to their heirs in the manner they choose. Oftentimes, estate distribution is better accomplished with the creation of a trust rather than a Will. Harriette will prepare your living trust in such a way that is understandable and which easily accomplishes the results that you intend.

Estate Mediation – Disputes that arise in connection with a person’s death are extremely expensive to litigate in the Surrogate’s Court.  When properly structured, mediation can produce reasonable solutions for the parties, both in terms of cost and future relationships.  Harriette’s cumulative experience in this area informs her expertise as a neutral mediator.